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Updated: September 6, 2018

Mini/Jr Dance Clinic practice video is now available:

All parents who signed their little dancers up for Mini/Jr Clinic through Elk River Dance Team:

  • On behalf of the entire Elk River Dance Team, we would like to for bringing your child to the Mini/Jr Clinic. The dance team loved working with all of your children. We are looking forward to the performance at the upcoming Elk River Varsity Football Game, this Friday September 7th.

    Here are the details for Friday night, September 7th:
    6:30pm: Please have your child at Elk River High School (we will either be in Room 105, or the commons, we are waiting for confirmation) Room 105 is the classroom right past the office. Halftime is approx. 7:30/7:45 depending on how fast the game is going. So as soon as everyone arrives we will begin lining up the girls...and head over to the field making sure we have plenty of time for their performance. You will sign your child in, and then you can head to the football game to watch them perform at halftime.

    Please make sure they wear their red t-shirts that were handed out at the clinic. There are a few of you that still need shirts, and we will have them Friday night when you drop your child off. Please remember to dress your child appropriately with the weather. We are outside for a little while, as we walk over to the field, wait for our turn to perform, and then walk back to the high school. Black leggings or shorts depending on the weather work great. Depending on if it's cooler outside, long sleeve black shirt under the red t-shirt is a great option. Please also make sure they are wearing tennis shoes.

    Once performance is done, give us a few minutes to line everyone up...and walk back as a group to the high school. It's very busy around the football field, and each of our dancers will stick close to the child they are assigned to until we are back at the school. Along with many dance parents, our 3 coaches will be helping out to walk with them. So please wait to sign your child out until they are back at the high school...we cannot release any Mini or Junior dancer at the football field. Yes, even the junior dancers, I know some maybe old enough, still need to be signed out at the high school.
    You can sign them out in the high school after the performance, the same place you checked them in.
    Please let me know if you have any questions.
    We are looking to Friday Night under the Lights!!!

ERDT Booster Club Meeting Minutes From the May Meeting Published:

  • The meeting minutes from the May 14 meeting has been published and is available on the Minutes & Handouts page.

Photos & Video taken at recent events & competitions: