Healthy Diet:

A healthy diet is very important in every sport! Although coaches cannot monitor everything the members eat and drink, coaches will try their best in supporting a healthy diet for all members. Pop will not be allowed at any dance team event. Water and sports drinks are highly encouraged. Coaches also ask that members refrain from buying coffee beverages on days where the team must meet early for an event. This will be beneficial in each member’s performance. Also, Maui Wowi smoothies will not be allowed to purchase until after that member is done dancing ALL of their routines for the day. Another aspect in being healthy is getting enough sleep. Getting a good night sleep every night is crucial, especially the night before a long competition.

A rule that the coaches are enforcing is having recovery food available after dancing. Eating recovery food within thirty minutes of dancing is crucial for the body to recover. Recovery foods include granola, crackers and cheese, rice cakes, trail mix, fresh fruit, yogurt, bagel with peanut butter, sub sandwich, and sports drinks. It is also a good idea to have a snack for the bus ride to and from an event.


The team will have an emergency care plan. This is in case of life threatening injuries. The team will be put into groups and be given a specific job. More information will be released once those groups are given.

Parents/guardians will be notified promptly when emergency care is needed. There will be a list of telephone numbers with the coaches and team at all times. If the injury does not require that a member be transported by emergency medical care personnel, she will be released only to her parent, guardian, or designated representative.

Avoiding Injuries:

Members are required to wear shoes at ALL times during practice. The only shoes that are allowed are tennis shoes or jazz shoes. No socks, half ballet shoes, or anything else can be worn. Tennis shoes are best for wearing while working on kick, drilling kicks, endurance exercises, etc. Jazz shoes are best for wearing while working on jazz, jazz technique, drilling turns, etc. Preventing injuries such as medial tibial stress syndrome (shin splints), tendonitis, and stress fractures is the reason that all members must wear the specific shoes listed.

Another way to avoid injuries is by being fully stretched. The team is given a sufficient amount of time each day designated for warming up and stretching. It is very important that each member uses that time wisely to ensure that they are prepared for practice. Stretching at home is also a way to prevent getting injured. Please report ALL injuries to the coaches. An injury that may appear minor could be major! A first aid kit will be readily available at all times.

Members are asked to be extra careful during the season when participating in winter activities that could potentially severely hurt them and hinder their ability to dance. Parent involvement in deciding whether or not to engage in the activities is highly encouraged.


  • Bring a water bottle to practice. Member should not have to run to the drinking fountain to get water.
  • Please do not share water bottles, make-up, chap stick, etc.
  • No fingernail polish is allowed at competitions. Deductions are given.
  • Hair must be up at all times during practice. Hair will not be allowed to be taken down after dancing at an event unless told otherwise.
  • Fitted clothes must be worn to practice. We wear all black on Fridays.