About Us

The Elk River Dance Program:

The Elk River High School dance program consists of two seasons. The fall season features our Fall Performance Team and provides an exciting period of growth and challenge for athletes with a strong positive desire to enhance dance skills. The Fall Performance Team performs during football games and conducts a Junior Dance Clinic for elementary age students. The focus is on training and team building skills, which will allow athletes to remain highly competitive in the dance team world. This will better prepare those athletes who will be continuing their high school dance experience into the winter competitive season.

The winter season is a competitive season. Our focus is on training and developing skills that enable our team to be competitive among AAA schools in Minnesota. I am proud to say that our team has been to the state dance team tournament many times in past years where we have placed as high as third.

Along with maintaining a competitive program, it is important that our athletes are well rounded individuals. Building character and life skills while maintaining academic excellence are also very important aspects of our team. Grades are checked and goals are set to help guide achievement. Personal accountability in all areas is enforced.

Being a part of the Elk River Dance Team is an experience like no other. I say this confidently, as no other team is as reliant on one another as the dance team. We count on each other to know the choreography, know their positions, and to be at a highly competitive skill level. When a dancer is “down” (not able to compete) someone else has to step up and take the spot often times learning a whole new part and positioning. If this is not possible, then the whole team has to change their parts/spots. Because of this, members of the dance team tend to become quite close. Blending such a wide variety of personalities does come with challenges, but it gives us the opportunity to work with our athletes on how to appreciate and respect people who may not be like you, but are just as important as you.

The winter dance team season is a lettering sport at Elk River High School. To letter, athletes must compete at the varsity level. Lettering can happen in either jazz or kick. We have one dance team with two separate squads; a JV jazz squad, a varsity jazz squad, with a full team high kick consisting of the members of both jazz squads. The team begins and ends every practice together. We break out into 2 squads when working our jazz routines while our high kick is practiced all together.

Elk River has established itself as a strong dance team community! We’re proud of our accomplishments and look forward to each new season.

Parent Involvement and Commitment:

The winter season is a very fun, challenging, and competitive four months! It starts at the end of October and runs until the Sections Tournament in early February or the State Tournament (if the team qualifies) in the middle of February. There is a lot of commitment involved throughout the entire season. The team practices together three-five hours a day, five times a week. Team events happen throughout the entire season including shows, Monday night meets, Invitationals, Sections, and State. Every team member is required to be at all dance team events whether dancing or not. A bus is used for transporting the team to the events and then back home again.

Proper payments made to the school and a current physical are required before the first day of tryouts. If placed on the team, each member must have all of the following: warm ups (top and bottom), tights, shoes, marking tank top, black shorts, make-up kit, and headband. If you are new to the team your estimated cost is $250. There will also be optional items that can be purchased as well. Apparel/supplies must be paid for in full before it will be ordered or distributed. Money put towards dance team apparel and other items is non-refundable.

Parents and guardians, you are who these members look up to the most. Being a cheering, positive fan and supporter is very important. There will also be times that the board will ask for volunteers (BYAS and Sections Tournament, for example) in setting up, maintaining a certain position throughout the event, and taking down. Please do not be shy!

Dancers’ Commitment:

To be a successful team, ALL members need to commit to the team in every aspect. This includes consistently being at practice/performances, being prepared for practice/performances, practicing outside of practice, not getting involved in substance use (zero tolerance rule), following the golden rules of practice, etc.

Members are also responsible for maintaining academic eligibility and following MSHSL and ERAHS rules. Other responsibilities of each member include: conducting themselves in a manner promoting teamwork, sportsmanship and positive behavior; representing themselves in a positive way in and out practice/performances; learning and practicing the routines; their actions or lack thereof; placing the team before their own personal needs; working corporately with fellow team mates. Each member is in charge of making sure that any and all uniforms and pieces checked out to them stay in good repair. They must all be handed back in at the end of the season. If any piece is missing, they are responsible for paying the fine to replace that piece. Transportation of uniforms and pieces is a duty of each member.

There is no guarantee that you will perform. A member can be cut by the coaches from any performance. Reasons for being cut are lack of knowledge of the routine, lack of skills/ability to perform at the required level, poor attitude, disregard for rules/guidelines, absences or tardies. Absences during the week of a performance or excessive absences may determine the team member ineligible to perform in the upcoming performance. Please call or email the head coach of any absences. Family vacations/trips and any appointments should be made with the team schedule in mind.

Setting team and personal goals is something the team will do during the season. Setting personal goals yourself can be a helpful resource in having your experience as part of this team a bigger success. It is important to keep the goals realistic so that frustration doesn’t set in.